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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Advanced IT Solutions

Welcome to Niagara Insurance, where technology and healthcare converge to create a more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly healthcare experience. With our expert team and over 80 years of combined experience in Healthcare IT, we specialize in transforming healthcare systems through state-of-the-art solutions. Join us in our mission to innovate Enrollment, Billing, Reconciliation, Rating, Claims, and Infrastructure Solutions in healthcare.
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Pioneering Healthcare IT Innovation

At Niagara Insurance, we are a team of passionate Healthcare IT professionals dedicated to advancing the healthcare industry through innovative technology.
Our Journey Specializing
Our journey began 6 years ago, driven by a shared vision to optimize healthcare operations using cutting-edge IT solutions.
Specializing in a range of services from Enrollment to Claims Management, we provide comprehensive solutions that redefine healthcare efficiency and accuracy.
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Comprehensive IT Solutions for Modern Healthcare

At Niagara Insurance, we specialize in offering comprehensive solutions for ACA and Medicare Enrollment systems, focusing on seamless interactions with CMS and the management of critical data formats like EDI 834 and 820 files. Our platform ensures efficient handling of enrollment and eligibility processes, adhering to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines and Medicare requirements. We provide robust integration with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), facilitating accurate and timely submission of 834 enrollment and 820 payment files. Our system streamlines the complex data exchange involved in healthcare enrollment, ensuring compliance, accuracy, and operational efficiency.

Billing and Reconciliation Services

Our solutions for ACA and Medicare Billing systems offer unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, streamlining the billing process with advanced automation and compliance management to ensure adherence to ACA and Medicare regulations. We provide a comprehensive ACA and Medicare billing platform, integrating real-time eligibility verification, claim submission, and reconciliation processes to optimize revenue cycles and reduce administrative burdens. Our innovative approach to ACA and Medicare billing leverages cutting-edge data analytics, offering healthcare providers insightful reports and analytics to improve financial decision-making and enhance operational transparency.

Rating and Claims Management

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for ACA (Affordable Care Act) and Medicare Rating and Claims systems. Our expertise lies in delivering robust, user-friendly, and compliant platforms tailored to the unique needs of healthcare insurers and providers. Our solutions streamline the rating and claims process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in compliance with ACA and Medicare regulations. By optimizing these critical aspects of healthcare insurance, Niagara Insurance empowers clients to focus more on patient care and less on administrative burdens, ultimately enhancing the healthcare experience for both providers and patients.

Secure and Streamlined Payment Solutions for Healthcare

Our Payment Gateway solution for healthcare clients is designed to revolutionize the way payments are processed in the healthcare industry. We offer a seamless, secure, and efficient platform that caters to the specific needs of healthcare providers and their patients. With our solution, clients can expect robust security measures compliant with industry standards, ensuring the protection of sensitive financial data. The system facilitates a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, online banking, and mobile payments, thereby enhancing patient convenience. Additionally, our platform integrates effortlessly with existing healthcare IT systems, enabling automated billing, real-time processing, and detailed analytics. This not only optimizes the financial operations of healthcare providers but also significantly improves the payment experience for patients. Our dedication to innovation and customer service ensures that healthcare organizations can focus more on patient care, while we take care of the complexities of financial transactions.

Infrastructure Solutions

We offer comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions specifically designed for the healthcare sector. Our approach focuses on creating robust, secure, and scalable systems that are tailored to meet the unique challenges of healthcare IT. We understand that in this field, reliability and compliance are paramount. Therefore, our solutions prioritize data security and privacy, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards like HIPAA. From advanced data centers to cloud services, we provide the backbone for seamless data management, facilitating efficient patient care delivery.


Discover the glowing testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced the excellence of our services.
"Implementing Niagara Insurance's IT solutions has been a game-changer for Lakeside Medical Center. Their state-of-the-art data management system has greatly enhanced our EHR capabilities, leading to improved patient care and staff efficiency. The security and compliance aspects are top-notch, giving us peace of mind regarding patient data privacy. Their team's responsiveness and expertise in healthcare IT have been instrumental in our digital transformation journey. We've seen a significant reduction in system downtimes, and our services have never been smoother."
Dr. Emily Torres, Chief Information Officer,
Lakeside Medical Center
"Niagara Insurance has provided us with an IT infrastructure that is not just robust and secure but also perfectly tailored to the healthcare environment. Since we partnered with them, we've experienced a remarkable improvement in our data processing and storage capabilities. Their cloud solutions have given us the flexibility and scalability we needed to grow and adapt in this fast-paced industry. Most importantly, their commitment to compliance and data security aligns with our mission to maintain the highest standards in patient care and confidentiality."
Dr. Emily Torres, Chief Information Officer,
Lakeside Medical Center
"Our collaboration with Niagara Insurance has been instrumental in revamping our IT solutions. Their customized solutions, particularly in Enrollment, Billing, data security and system scalability, have allowed us to enhance our healthcare delivery significantly. We've been able to integrate new digital health technologies seamlessly, thanks to their reliable and cutting-edge infrastructure support. The professionalism and healthcare IT knowledge that Niagara Insurance brings to the table are unparalleled. They've been a true partner in helping us navigate the complexities of healthcare technology."
Sarah Kim, Director of IT,
Citywide Healthcare Group

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Pioneering Healthcare IT Innovation

At Niagara Insurance, we are a team of passionate Healthcare IT professionals dedicated to advancing the healthcare industry through innovative technology.

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